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»   What is Ozone
Ozone (O3) is a gas mostly found in the upper strata of the atmosphere known as the “Stratosphere”.
Ozone is also found in smaller quantities in the “Troposphere” which is the atmospheric band closest to Earth.
The presence of Ozone in the Stratosphere blocks harmful Ultra Violet radiation from the Sun and hence is helpful.
The ozone molecule consists of three atoms of oxygen; it’s chemical formula is O3.
Chelation Therapy
If you think that heart disease is inevitable outcome of growing old,
then we have great news for you…

Coronary Bypass Surgery replaces only six inches of blocked arteries… while chelation works on all 75,000 miles of your blood vessels.
The word chelation (pronounced key-lay-shun), comes from the Greek word chele meaning “to claw” or “to bind”. Chelation therapy is used to rid the body of toxic metals and chemicals.
The removal of toxins by chelation therapy reduces internal inflammation caused by free radicals, and as a result can ease the discomfort and disability from degenerative diseases such as arthritis, auto-immune diseases and cardiovascular disease.Chelation therapy has been proven to increase blood flow and reduce arterial plaque, which can help reverse atherosclerosis, prevent heart attacks and strokes, and is used as an alternative to bypass surgery and angioplasty.
A variety of chelating agents can be used such as Glutathione, DMSA, DMPS and amino acids, however, the most common agent used is EDTA (Ethylene-Diamine-Tetraacetic Acid).

Chelation therapy is administered intravenously on an out-patient basis. This therapy has been used successfully on hundreds of thousands of people in clinics throughout the world for several decades with great benefit. Intravenous chelation therapy, a simple office procedure using ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) reverses and slows the progression of atherosclerosis and other age-related and degenerative diseases. Symptoms affecting many different parts of the body often improve.

Redefining Health seeks to start your treatment protocol with chelation therapy. Detoxifying you is the first step to an effective cure. Once your body is rid of toxins, treatments are not only more effective but also beneficial to better health.

Chelation therapy is relatively non toxic and risk-free, especially when compared with other treatments. Patients routinely drive themselves home after chelation treatment with no difficulty.

Te risk of significant side effects, when properly administered, is less than 1 in 10,000 patients treated. By comparison, the overall death rate as a direct result of bypass surgery is approximately 3 out of every 100 patients, varying with the hospital and the operating team. The incidence of other serious complications following surgery is much higher, approaching 35%, including heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, mental impairment, infection, and prolonged pain.
Chelation therapy is at least 300 times safer than bypass surgery. When properly administered by a physician expert in this type of therapy, chelation is safer than many other prescription medicines. Statistically speaking, the treatment itself is safer than the drive in an automobile to the doctors office.

Chelation as a Medical Therapy

Chelation is a treatment by which a small amino acid called ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA) is slowly administered to a patient intravenously over several hours, prescribed b and under the supervision of a licensed physician.
The fluid containing EDTA is infused through a small needle placed in the vein of a patient’s arm. The EDTA infusion bonds with unwanted metals in the body and quickly carriers them away in the urine. Chelation therapy is an out- patient treatment available in a physician’s office or clinic.
Treatment Protocol
Chelation therapy consists of anywhere from 20 to 50 separate infusions, depending on each patient’s individual health status. Thirty treatments is the average number required for optimum benefit in patients with symptoms of arterial blockage. While some patients eventually receive more than 100 chelation therapy infusions over several years, others receive only 20 infusions as part of a preventive program. Each chelation treatment takes from three to four hours and patients normally receive one to five treatments each week. It is the total number of treatments that determine results, not the schedule or frequency.
Treatment Benefits
Reduction of damaging free radicals allows diseased arteries to heal, restoring blood flow. With time chelation therapy brings profound improvement to many essential metabolic and physiologic functions in the body. The body’s regulation of chemistry of cells. Chelation has many favorable actions on the body.
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