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Fit-N-Fine holistic clinic is a centre of excellence in Holistic Health, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, and Yoga. This clinic excels in providing comprehensive alternative clinic catering to the patients suffering from chronic pain, chronic medical conditions, and lifestyle disorders i.e, thyroid, blood pressure, diabetes, PCOS, and spine problems.

Non Surgical Treatment
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Dr. Faridaa Khan
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Dr. Kumar M
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Dr. Ulfat Javed
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Dr. Javed Alam
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Kosmedix Nemus


A perfect combination of world renounded advanced manipulative/manual medicine and ancient techniques combined together for significant improvement in chronic pain conditions. Apart from a revolutionary combination of both the modern and ancient treatment techniques, a variety of scientifically proven modern medical interventions and remedies to give you relief from pain.

Experience the relief from pain in real time.

Spinal Manipulation
Exercise Therapy
Trigger Point Release
Joint pain
Strength and Conditioning
Sports Tissue Manipulation
Dry Needling.
Hormonal Imbalance Treatment
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Weight Loss Acupuncture
Steam Bath
Ozone Therapy and Diet.

Chelation is a chemical process in which a substance is used to bind molecules, such as metals or minerals, and hold them tightly so that they can be removed from a system, such as the body. In medicine, chelation has been scientifically proven to rid the body of excess or toxic metals. For example, a person who has lead poisoning may be given chelation therapy in order to bind and remove excess lead from the body before it can cause damage.

In the case of EDTA chelation therapy, the substance that binds and removes metals and minerals is EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid), a synthetic, or man-made, amino acid that is delivered intravenously (through the veins). EDTA was first used in the 1940s for the treatment of heavy metal poisoning. EDTA chelation removes heavy metals and minerals from the blood, such as lead, iron, copper, and calcium, and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in treating lead poisoning and toxicity from other heavy metals. Although it is not approved by the FDA to treat CAD, some physicians and alternative medicine practitioners have recommended EDTA chelation as a way to treat this disorder.

Cardiovascular Conditions
Blood Related Disorders
Heavy Metal Detoxification

Oxygen/ozone therapy is a term that describes a number ofdifferent practices in which oxygen, ozone, or hydrogenperoxide are administered via gas or water to kill diseasemicroorganisms, improve cellular function, and promote thehealing of damaged tissues. The rationale behind bio-oxidative therapies, as they are sometimes known, is thenotion that as long as the body's needs for antioxidants aremet, the use of certain oxidative substances will stimulate themovement of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to thecells. With higher levels of oxygen in the tissues, bacteriaand viruses are killed along with defective tissue cells. Thehealthy cells survive and multiply more rapidly. The result is astronger immune system.

Ozone itself is a form of oxygen, O3, produced whenultraviolet light or an electric spark passes through air oroxygen. It is a toxic gas that creates free radicals, theopposite of what antioxidant vitamins do. Oxidation,however, is good when it occurs in harmful foreign organismsthat have invaded the body. Ozone inactivates many diseasebacteria and viruses.


Ozone therapies are thought to benefit patients in the following ways:

Stimulating white blood cell production
Killing viruses (ozone and hydrogen peroxide)
Improving the delivery of oxygen from the blood stream tothe tissues of the body
Speeding up the breakdown of petrochemicals
Increasing the efficiency of antioxidant enzymes
Increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the membranesof red blood cells
Speeding up the citric acid cycle, which in turn stimulates the body's basic metabolism

Naturopathy believes that the human body owes its existence to Nature's five elements. The Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Sky - a composite representation of all forces of Nature.

The element Earth stands for the solid structure like bones. Water is representative of fluids, like blood, lymph, etc. Air represents the breath of life, Fire symbolises the vitality and Sky personifies the reflection of the human spirit - Soul - the unseen aspect of the human entity. Naturopathy aligns us with the self-preservative Will of Nature to protect and heal the body from within, by weeding out the undesirable, with a strong sense of WILL POWER.

Enema, Mud Therapy
Foot Detox
Steam Bath
Ozone Therapy
Naturopathy Diet
Chakra Healing
Reiki Healing
Access BARS and Counselling.
Acupuncture for stress and tension

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